Robert Christian on the President’s Pro-Family Proposals

DFLA's senior fellow Robert Christian, of the Millennial blog,¬†writes at Time on why Catholics--and you could add, people of all faiths and convictions--have reason to support the President's policy proposals to help working families: "greater workplace flexibility, paid family leave, an increase in the minimum wage, increasing access to affordable quality childcare and greater protections … Continue reading Robert Christian on the President’s Pro-Family Proposals

Pregnant, and Pushed Out of a Job

NY Times: "Three-quarters of women now entering the work force will become pregnant on the job, yet gaps in our civil rights laws leave this enormous class without the right to the modest accommodations that would protect them."

Union-busting Law Repealed in Ohio

Washington Post: "Ohioans voted Tuesday night to repeal a Republican-backed law that restricted collective bargaining for public workers, a victory for Democrats and labor organizers both nationally and in the state."