Missouri Party Chairman Closes Door on Pro-Life Democrats Eliminates Inclusive “Big Tent” Language Approved By Platform Committee

There is an important election coming up that will determine the balance of the U.S. Senate and the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. The election could also determine whether or not there will be impeachment efforts to rid the White House of Donald Trump.  Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is in a very close battle, and all Democrats would like to see her continue her tenure in the U.S. Senate.

Missouri Party Chairman Stephen Webber thinks that the best way to support Senator McCaskill and other Democrats in Missouri is to create an unnecessary battle over abortion.

A few weeks ago, there was a meeting to amend the Missouri Democratic Party platform. A vote took place, and the amendment was accepted. The Missouri Democratic Party then said that they welcome Whole Life Democrats in the party.  The “conscience language” to include pro-life Democrats did not dilute the abortion-rights plank in the Democratic Party platform.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the acceptance, along with the compromise language, lasted. Party Chairman Webber held a meeting this morning to strip the inclusive language from the platform because nothing says “We we want your vote” more than overturning a fair process of debate and approval. It is very unusual to remove language unilaterally after a platform has been ratified. It makes you wonder about the kind of pressure supposedly “progressive” groups exerted and why. They know that this removal will cause chaos. Continue reading

Eric Cantor’s Loss: A Pro-Life Democrat’s Take

GOP majority leader Eric Cantor’s primary loss to Tea Party challenger David Brat has shocked the leadership of the Republican Party. It ought to shock Democratic Party leaders, too. Among other things, it ought to spur our party toward a savvy recalculating of the politics of abortion. A smart recalculation should mean more welcome and more support for pro-life Democrats.

Cantor outspent Brat almost 12 to 1. He had the support of leading and prominent Republicans from around the country. He was long-time incumbent, with a well-honed campaign organization, and as the number two power in the House of Representatives had enormous inside-the-Beltway clout. Yet he still lost – and lost handily by double digits. So, what happened and what’s the lesson for Democrats?

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Is the Abortion Litmus Test Hurting Our Party?

In a recent Fox News interview, former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky said of her primary opponent Brendon Bolye, “He is not pro-choice, and it is a litmus test, and he fails it.” Boyle went on to win the Democratic Primary for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District. Her divisive comments proved not to reflect the sentiment of that district. Yet this desire to purge pro-life members from the Democratic Party continues unabated and has been a major contributing factor to the decline of the Democratic Party.

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Where is the Modern Opposition to Abortion from the Left?

by Kevin P. Rauch

Within the past several years, there has been a surge of opposition to abortion throughout our nation.  The annual March for Life has drawn hundreds of thousands of protesters and every year teenagers and young adults are disproportionately represented at these marches.  New ultrasound technology produces increasingly detailed images of fetal development within the womb.  In addition, a variety of new restrictions on abortions that are supported by strong majorities of the public have been passed at the federal, state, and local level.

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Pro-life Democrats at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life

Millennial: “Once again, it was very encouraging to see that the audience at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life was engaged and interested in the case that we were trying to make.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, particularly on the point that being pro-life needs to mean more than simply supporting restrictions on access to abortion.   And most seemed to agree that a strong pro-life bloc within the Democratic Party coupled with a strong bipartisan effort in the pro-life movement is the only way to effectively save the lives of the unborn and improve the lives of women and their families.”

Why This Election Isn't Just About Abortion

Ben Lowe: “As Christians, no matter which candidates we each end up siding with in this election, I hope and pray we will strive to be consistently and comprehensively pro-life, supporting the good not only of the unborn, but also of the born: the unemployed, the impoverished, the immigrant, the uninsured, victims of disasters and wars, and more, while also being good stewards of our financial and natural resources. This may make it harder to chose who to vote for, but it’s time that we become better known for having a vision as big as God’s vision, and for voting on a more faithful range of issues than just one or two.”

Casey offers measure on workplace fairness for pregnant employees

Kevin McCorry: “Working women who become pregnant face the daunting task of balancing their careers while nurturing the health of their child.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., says that task is too often made more difficult by employers who see pregnancy as a threat to productivity.

To remedy the situation Casey has crafted the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act — a bill that would update 1978’s Pregnancy Discrimination Act. His bill follows the lead of the Americans with Disabilities Act — demanding that employers provide pregnant workers with “reasonable accommodations” as long as they don’t interfere with the job.

Those who champion women’s rights say the proposed change is a long time coming because current regulations don’t clearly obligate employers to provide moms-to-be with the accommodations their pregnancies often require.”