Jim Oberstar

A month or so before the Whole Life Democrat blog re-launched, longtime congressman Jim Oberstar of Minnesota, a stalwart among pro-life Democrats, died. There will be memorial services in Minnesota the week of June 23: details are here, a website where you can share memories is here. I’m reposting for our new blog my reflections on Oberstar and what he stood for.

— Tom Berg, Oberstar Professor of Law and Public Policy, University of St. Thomas School of Law

Jim Oberstar, the longtime Minnesota congressman who died Saturday at age 79, represented several great strains in American public life that we need to recall and revitalize. Oberstar was a hero of mine before I came to Minnesota a dozen years ago, and it is one of my joys to hold a professorship named for him and supported by donors who rightly wanted to honor his service. Let me say a bit about the values he represented.

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