Is Nebraska Right to Life Engaging in Partisanship?

Pro-life Democrat Robert Hay thinks so, and he has some evidence to back it up:

“On Wednesday, Nebraska Right to Life became the most recent organization to show that partisanship was more important than pro-life issues.

The group announced it would endorse Governor Dave Heineman in his next election due to his overall record on life issues, but declined to renew its endorsement of pro-life Democratic Senator Ben Nelson.  The group cited Nelson’s compromise on the health care bill as “without adequate abortion language” and that this vote precluded an endorsement in the future.  “NRL has always taken into consideration an elected official’s entire record when making endorsements” said the group’s political action director to the Lincoln Journal Star.

But……they seemed to overlook this small detail in the governor’s record: Governor Heineman vetoed a bill in March to extend state-funded prenatal care that was supported by Nebraska Right to Life.  The governor’s office cited a provision extending prenatal care to illegal immigrants as his reason for the veto.  The issue was that federal funds for the program were expiring, meaning the veto (which was unable to be overridden) killed the opportunity for the state’s unborn children to receive health care.

A positive vote for additional health care for the unborn causes an endorsement to be revoked, but a veto against covering unborn babies causes another endorsement?  What a shame the pro-life community has become.”

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