Boehner and Catholic University

Morning’s Minion of Vox Nova: “If effect, what they are doing is rejecting the underlying principles of Catholic social teaching, not just the application of those principles. Can anybody possibly argue that the Boehner budget protects the poor? Let’s use some good old-fashioned practical reason. The modern GOP insists first of all on upper income tax cuts and an estate tax cut. Then it plans $4.3 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade, matched by $4.2 trillion in further tax cuts for the rich. And here’s the punchline – two-thirds of the cuts come from programs that help the poor and people of limited means, including Medicaid, the safety net health care program for the poor – to pay for these upper-income tax cuts. This is wrong. This is immoral. This cannot be compatible with the tenets of Catholic social teaching. The bishops are clear about that.”