GOP Budget: Paul Ryan Misapplies Catholic Teaching

Nick Sementelli: “Ryan’s Medicare proposal has gotten the most attention for good reason. It’s the area from which he gets most of his budget’s “savings” by undermining our societal commitment to providing adequate health care for our senior citizens. Rather than addressing the spiraling costs of health care, Ryan’s budget simply shifts the costs onto seniors. It’s not a solution to the actual problem; it’s an accounting trick that balances the books by forcing seniors to pay dramatically more for their health care or go without. This was one of the concerns raised by Bishops Hubbard and Claire in their letter to Ryan last month, and he has done nothing to address it.

Even worse is what Ryan’s budget does with these “savings.” The money generated by placing a burden on seniors enables the GOP to continue extending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans: $3.8 trillion over the next decade alone.

For Ryan to try to allege that this combination lives up to the preferential option for the poor is an insult to Catholic teaching.”