DNC 2012: Democrats reframe abortion debate

Politico: “But Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life, said no matter how the issue is couched, dwelling on abortion and contraception-related issues at the convention is “a mistake for the party.” Pointing to the wide majorities Democrats had in Congress when there were more anti-abortion members in their ranks, Day said the party can only secure its future if it welcomes Democrats who run in districts in which opposing abortion rights is a prerequisite.

Day, whose group is hosting a panel discussion on its position ahead of a big Planned Parenthood rally here Tuesday, said she is deeply opposed to attempts to reframe the abortion debate.

“Let’s call it what it is. Who opposes supporting women’s health care? Who’s going to oppose it? That’s not what we’re talking about,” Day said. “What they’re talking about is abortion, and they’re talking about taking the life of a child, and we believe that there are two lives there, and they both need to be protected and they both need support.””