Get Behind Eric Stewart, the Real Pro-Life Candidate

Huffington post: “Also Monday, a Democratic anti-abortion group, Democrats for Life of America, weighed in on the contest, calling on people who consider themselves pro-life to abandon the congressman.

“Regardless if there was or was not a pregnancy or abortion, the fact is the Congressman encouraged his mistress to seek an abortion for his own child. That position is not pro-life,” said Kristen Day, the group’s executive director. “DesJarlais now faces losing his medical license due to the illegal relationship with a patient. The Romney/Ryan campaign recently pulled their endorsement of DesJarlais. It is time for my pro-life colleagues to immediately join DFLA in condemning this egregious behavior and call for his defeat.”

“There is only one pro-life candidate in the race and that person is Eric Stewart,” Day said, referring to the Democratic state senator challenging DesJarlais in this year’s election.”