Commentary on the Pro-Life Brief Supporting Protecting Pregnant Women from Discrimination

Various places on the web–left, right, and center–are commenting on the Supreme Court brief filed by Democrats for Life and 22 other pro-life organizations supporting strong protection for pregnant women against discrimination.

The Economist:

ACTIVISTS on warring sides of the abortion debate rarely take the same position when it comes to Supreme Court cases involving women’s rights. But pro-choicers and pro-lifers have found common cause in Young v United Parcel Service, a pregnancy discrimination case the justices will take up on December 3rd.

Mother Jones:

[The narrow interpretation of the pregnancy-discrimination] law does not sit well with feminists or anti-abortion groups, who recognize the significance that economics play in decisions about abortion. Abortion foes are deeply concerned that pregnancy discrimination encourages abortion and forces women to endanger the health of their unborn children by continuing to work under conditions their doctors deem hazardous.

In the press call, Galen Carey, vice president of the National Association of Evangelicals, called on “all involved to recognize the sacred gift of life and give special protection to women who nurture the life in their womb.”

The Baptist Press:

[Southern Baptist leader] President Russell D. Moore said in a statement for Baptist Press about the brief, “Being pro-life means standing both with unborn children and with their mothers. We must speak for pregnant women who should not have to decide between loving their babies, caring for their health and making a living.”  pro-life and pro-choice groups in this case pursue “different paths to get to working rights for pregnant women, but a means to the same end.”

Statements from a couple of the organizations that supported the brief: Americans United for Life (co-counsel on the brief); All Our Lives (a progressive pro-life organization that joined as an amicus).