172The March for Life never fails to inspire me and give me hope for our future. It is such an uplifting experience to be around thousands of people who have compassion for human dignity. We received some much-needed encouragement and support for our message “pro-life for the whole life” and also for remaining in our Democratic Party to fight for those most vulnerable.

Our morning started off with breakfast and an incredible presentation by Tammy Ruiz about perinatal hospice. You can learn more about perinatal hospice by clicking here. I challenge you to keep a dry eye while watching this video. One of the most emotional parts of her speech involved a woman Tammy worked with after she received a prenatal diagnosis. The woman had everything in place and was prepared to deliver a child who would not survive. Fortunately, a medical diagnosis is not always correct, and her child is now six years old and healthy.

Another story Tammy shared was a young, hard-looking, tattooed father wearing a tank top who, given the opportunity to care for his child, patiently and lovingly cleaned, bathed, and held his child. And, when left alone with a camera, took some amazingly beautiful photographs to memorialize a life cut too short, but loved nonetheless.

You can learn more about by clicking here.

After Tammy’s inspiring stories about the beautiful work of perinatal hospice, we joined our friends of Consistent Life, Secular Pro-life, Rehumanize International, and other whole-life groups to prepare for the March itself.

This year’s theme was “Love Saves Lives”. People shared stories of support – including the excellent work of pregnancy centers around the globe who provide nothing but love, invaluable support, and critical necessities such as diapers, clothing, and other needs of pregnant and parenting mothers. One of the best lines was from Sister Bethany Madonna, of Sisters of Life, who shared a story about a woman subtly encouraging another woman not to abort her child. The abortion-minded woman said she was having an abortion. The pro-life woman responded, “No, you are not. You are having a girl.” The abortion-minded woman carried the pregnancy to term and had twin girls.

The other inspiring theme during the March was the vital message that the Pro-life Movement supports human rights for all.

If you have not been to the March for Life, we hope you will consider joining us next year. You will be inspired and encouraged that we will end abortion through compassion and support.

And, as a reminder, we can only continue to represent pro-life Democrats due to your generous support. Please consider a contribution to Democrats For Life of America so we can continue to advocate on your behalf to promote our united cause!