This is what Happens when You Put Profits Before People

A video of Virginia State House Delegate Kathy Tran has spread through social media – mostly in conservative circles, but it is essential that Democrats take a close look at – and listen closely to – this critical dialogue between Delegate Tran and Delegate Todd Gilbert, the chairman of the Virginia House Criminal Law Subcommittee.

After I watched the video, I honestly felt a little sorry for Delegate Tran. You could tell she was a little uncomfortable with her answers – and she should be. As a new mother herself, she has a good grasp of fetal development and should know that it is just not a good idea to allow a woman in labor to decide to end her pregnancy.  I think we can all – or at least we should – agree on that premise.

When Chairman Gilbert asked Delegate Tran, “Where it is obvious that a woman is about to give birth,” and gave a specific example – “she’s dilating” – “could she request an abortion under your bill?” The only answer she could give was an uncomfortable, “My bill would allow that, yes.”

The abortion industry is getting desperate. They are not only preying on women in crisis or unplanned pregnancies, but they are now also preying on first-term representatives, convincing them that it is good public policy to repeal any and all safety and health protections for women seeking abortions and to repeal any regulation of their industry. For Democrats, this clearly is not in line with our support for regulation of industries and for health and safety protections for both workers and people contracting with a business.

The abortion industry has done an excellent job of selling themselves as protecting women and women’s reproductive rights. Since her unfortunate testimony, Delegate Tran has deleted her Twitter account, and Lord knows what else she has had to endure and will endure going forward.  The only support the abortion industry gave was to Republicans, who will surely use this extreme abortion bill against Delegate Tran and other Virginia Democrats, whether they supported the bill or not.

The fact is that the abortion rate in Virginia is declining and is at a historic low. Public opinion on the issue favors effective and reasonable regulation. This is a very good thing unless you are the corporation that provides the service.  If you are in the abortion business, then you want to keep the demand high, and you are always on the prowl for new customers.  A Gallup Poll indicates that only 13 percent of Americans believe that abortion should be allowed in the third trimester.

The abortion industry continues to have a stranglehold on Democrats, but this video and this discussion about what their proposals would actually allow should make a lot of Democrats rethink this alliance. Our Democratic values tell us to put people before profits. The abortion industry is no different from any other corporation that puts profits before people.