Whole Life Rising


Whole Life Rising is a new podcast dedicated to spreading the word about the whole life movement and efforts to protect human life and dignity at all stages. Each month, hosts Robert Christian, editor of the whole life website Millennial, and Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, will welcome guests, discuss issues, and share stories from the front lines of these critical efforts to safeguard human life and dignity from womb to tomb.

The podcast will provide a unique opportunity for pro-life progressives, Democrats, and feminists to share their vital messages and stories, which are so often excluded from mainstream political coverage. It will raise the profile of whole life leaders and hopefully generate more mainstream coverage of this important work.

It will also offer something unique to listeners. There are tens of millions of Americans who believe in a consistent commitment to life and dignity, but they often feel isolated and alienated from the major political parties. This podcast will let them know that they are not alone. It will provide them with the information they need. And it will help to strengthen the growing whole life movement, reaching new audiences and connecting those who are already engaged in important work at the grassroots level.

You can donate to help with the launch of this new podcast here.