We Asked, You Answered

We put out a question on Instagram: Why are you a pro-life Democrat? The answers centered around a few themes: trusting science, valuing communities that are marginalized, and a lot of faith. People mentioned Black Lives, the LGBTQ community, unions, healthcare, and the environment. But if there’s one thing this exercise revealed that all pro-life democrats desire, regardless of faith or specific policy, it’s consistency

Here are some answers that resonated with our team. 

“Because, just like climate change, I agree with the scientific consensus.”

“I’ve always been ‘pro life’ and now I realize that means a lot more than being anti abortion.”

“It would be hypocritical of me to march only for born Black, LGBTQ, etc. Lives.”

“I support unions and collective bargaining and am pro life. I support the ACA and life!”

“I have voted for pro-life Republicans for 44 years and nothing has been done.”

“I think all lives have value, from the ones at the border to the ones not yet born.”

“Far Left on most issues but the left’s stance on abortion is disappointing.”

“Because every life matters.”

“Human rights for all humans.”

“I lost faith in the Republican party. Pro life moderate dem.”

“Because I’m pro life for the WHOLE life!”

“Actions nor circumstances define life. Each human being has value.”

“How can I say I’m a feminist, but not want to give that baby the opportunity to live?”

“Because pro-life means taking care of ALL lives, birth and beyond.”

“Because I just can’t align as a Republican. Many things I don’t agree with, but I can’t lie about the truth of abortion, even if some democrats hate me for it.”

“I voted R for too long bc of abortion. But they do nothing about it & aren’t consistently pro life in other ways.”

“It’s a human life. Period. Also because consistency matters. Womb to tomb.”

“Because babies in the womb aren’t the only children who need protecting. Get them out of cages!”

“I’m a Marxist who cares about pre born children.”

“There’s too many lives that are looked over by the republican crowd. (Black lives, lgbtq+, etc.)”

“Because I believe that life begins at conception and love the Democratic views.”

“Because I want to see people in office who are in it for the right reasons.”

“We need labor unions & abortion is wrong.”

“Science, faith and being pro-life in the full sense of the word.”

“Bible is clear about sanctity of life AND imago dei – loving all people/neighbors as self.”

“The pro-life movement on the right is simply anti-abortion.”

“Because Democrats tend to be more holistically pro-life than Republicans.”

“Because there is much more to being pro life than pro birth.”

“Because pro life republicans forget about a human life outside the womb.”

“My Christian faith + Being born with Hydrocephalus & Spina Bifida influenced my thinking.”

“To be a pro-abortion democrat denies scientific reality.”

“I believe in the human dignity of every person.”

“Human rights begin in the womb.”

“I couldn’t stop seeing Republicans only caring about the unborn, and not the hurting.”

“It’s a more comprehensive representation of my views.”

“I’m an atheist, pro women, pro science, and pro life as hell.”

“Because Democrats tend to be more holistically pro-life than Republicans.”

“Because I believe in a consistent life ethic.”

“No one has the right to take away someone else’s life.”

“Traditional pro-life movement doesn’t fully support mother and child. This movement does!”

“Caring for the unborn includes creating a society that will care for them after they are born.”

“Bc it’s a consistent world view. Rights for women, immigrants, LGBTQ+, POC, babies, inmates.”

“I don’t believe in throwaway people.”

“My Jewish faith tells me there is nothing more sacred than a human life!”

“Because abortion rates decline the most under democratic presidents.”

“Life and quality of life should never be in opposition.”

“Because I’m pro-life for ALL lives.”

“I believe that life begins in the womb and I care about the lives of immigrants.”

“The republican party has their priorities messed up.”

“The arc of the universe bends towards justice, and this is the side of history I want to be on.”

“Pro ALL life, and care of those who need it, not just unborn. Reps are just anti abortion.”

“Cause Republicans have only been ‘pro-life’ to get votes. Their actions don’t match.”

“My belief in Catholic Social Teaching.”

“I’m Catholic and I believe that all life is to be valued and loved.”

“Because the Sanctity of Life does not end a birth.”

“I follow the science wherever it leads; life begins at conception and climate change is real.”

“I identify with the Consistent-Life ethic. I don’t see that much on the Republican side…”

“Harder to change the anti-life republican agenda than 1 or 2 [parts of the] anti-life democrat agenda.”

“Socially liberal, the science speaks for itself. The pro choice movement is incredibly abelist.”

“Lbgtq, immigrants, pre born, women, and much more.”

“I believe in science, and science says life begins at conception!”

“Because prolife means ALL life.”

“Was raised prochoice for whole life but then shadowed a NICU Dr – many babies there were legal to kill at same age if they were in utero – then educated myself re: biology/history.”

“I’m sick of Republicans only banning abortion and doing nothing else, then guilt tripping left voters.”

“Because I want policies that provide protection for people across the lifespan.”

“Because I can believe in conception to natural death and be a supporter of progression.”

“Because I’m a socialist and I believe all human lives have value at all stages!”

“As someone who’s a vegetarian and believe veganism is moral, I want to be consistent and so I’m pro life.”

“Because I believe in human rights for all human beings!”

“I’m atheist, but I believe in science and am against killing in any way shape or form.”

“Devaluing life in one area devalues the life of the poor, marginalized, all of us.”

“Because being pro life means protecting human life from fertilization to death, no exceptions.”

“I was almost aborted & appreciate all who fight for life. Thank you.”

“I didn’t find the Republican version of pro-life fit what I believed to be pro-life.”

“The Dem party is actually doing things that will actually prevent abortion.”

“Because I believe in scientific facts whether that’s the environment or human life!”

“Because Democrats seem to care for ALL lives which is why I hopped on over from the GOP.”

“Love babies & love equality.”

“It most aligns with Catholicism!”

“I felt hypocritical just caring about life in the womb.”

“Because I believe in the human dignity of ALL humans and Pro-Life Democrats fight for that!”

“Because science and protection of the vulnerable.”

“Because I want to help people.”

“I’m a med student and I can’t deny the science – about climate change OR the humanity of the unborn.”

“Because the abortion industry is a sympton of a broken system.”

“I know all lives are equal: unborn, LGBTQ, immigrants.”

“Because you can’t act the way the GOP does and then say but we should care about the unborn.”

“Dems expanded healthcare including birth control which will lower abortion!”

“Independent, former Republican, Christian. Pro-life for the whole life! This feels like my tribe. <3”