What Stanley Kubrick Got Right

By Craig Miller

In 1968, author Arthur C. Clarke published a companion novel to Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey. In it, Clarke describes humanity’s first encounter with alien handiwork in the form of large, technologically sophisticated monoliths. These artifacts comprise the vanguard of a million-year project by an advanced civilization. The purpose is to assist biological creatures, who have the potential of intelligence, to achieve Mind. The author explains:

And because, in all the galaxy, they found nothing more precious than Mind, they encouraged its dawning everywhere. They became farmers in the field of stars, they sowed and sometimes they reaped.

Arthur C. Clarke, “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Clarke reveals a profound truth: Mind is precious. The intelligence contained within it elevates the physical universe by adding the ability to choose, love, appreciate, enjoy, and create. Mind functions as a resource that underlies all other resources.  Physical objects can only become useful via the human mind’s creative process.  

In reality, the solutions to all of humanity’s problems will ultimately depend on the application of its intelligence.

Fortunately, our Earth contains this resource in abundance.  Whether one believes it stems from a millions of years of chance and necessity’s interplay, or a Divinely guided evolutionary process, or even the result of six 24-hour periods of creation, our world generates intelligence in abundance.

The process begins as potential inherent at conception.  The resulting complete genome contains the foundational information that allows humans to reap this precious resource. A profound mystery is that we can never anticipate what each individual will accomplish. What will the person create? What insights and solutions will they offer? What value will come from their sojourn on our Planet?

Abortion robs humanity by violently ending someone’s creative intelligence, and any resulting beneficial service to humanity. This is more than a tragedy. It is a crime against our collective future.

Craig B. Miller an ordained rabbi serves as a Board member of Democrats for Life of America. He runs Black Rabbit Marketing a Strategic Planning with clients in alternative health coverage, aerospace, politics, and internet technology. He lives in Passaic, NJ with his wife, two dogs, and two rabbits. He is serving his fourth term as an elected Board of Education Commissioner, overseeing a district of over 18,000 students and staff.