DFLA Tips for Whole Life Conversations over the Holidays

by Doug Stringer, DFLA Candidate Outreach Director

While still emerging out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans are eagerly looking forward to a holiday season where they can more fully interact with their family and friends.  2020 definitely helped us realize the value of being near our loved ones!

But with that long anticipated interaction, and given the current polarized political climate in which the nation finds itself, the chances of that interaction moving towards social and cultural debate are pretty good.  Such debate can definitely include issues regarding the protection of human life, which obviously can lead to uncomfortable moments at the holiday dinner table.

So to avoid having your gathering turn into a skit from Saturday Night Live (who also needs to address Life issues more respectfully, but we digress), you might want to take a look at some of the following tips we at Democrats for Life are offering as a way to navigate through the season.

Some common scenarios might include:

Otherwise reasonable relative: “But pro-life Democrats don’t exist?!? 

Reply: “Au contraire! 

I don’t have the whole night to give the infinite list, but for starters:
Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA) 

State Senator Katrina Jackson (D-LA)

State Senator Eddie Lucio (D-TX)

State Representative Grace Diaz (D-RI)

State Representative Angie Hatton (D-KY) 

State Representative Russell Ott (D-SC)
State Representative Doug Skaff (D-WV)

State Representative Dwayne Thompson (D-TN)

State Representative Colleen Garry (D-MA)

State Representative Jeff Turco (D-MA)

And the list goes on and on! 

Young pro-choicer: “But isn’t it a woman’s choice?!?” 

Reply: “Unfortunately, the systemic structures in our society don’t give women real choice! The abortion data bears this out. A majority of women who have an abortion in this country are already mothers and name financial hardship as their reason for getting an abortion. Women want real support, not abortion.” 

Crazy Trumpist uncle: “The only way to be pro-life is to support Donald J. Trump.” 

Reply: “Let’s go back to Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana. He signed a heartbeat bill and an abortion pill reversal notification law. He also signed Medicaid expansion into law.” 

Anyone: “The majority of Democrats are very pro-abortion.” 

Reply: “The loudest ones are. That’s why we need you to join our efforts at DFLA! You can follow us on social media, learn more about the Whole Life Movement, spread the word, volunteer, and donate. We keep growing, and nothing will stop us from protecting all human life!” 

If your family is just not open to constructive whole-life conversations in any way, find a good time to go out on a limb with a friend. You never know who may need a gentle nudge to get more involved with the Whole Life movement! 

With these tips, your holidays may not be like the Bradys, but you may be able to avoid a moment similar to one experienced by the Stones.

Here’s to LIFE, Love, and Happiness during the season!

Happy Holidays!