Don’t be Fooled by Prop 3

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Michiganders Agree on the Importance Of Regulation to Keep People Safe

By Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life and Sarah Burchart, Democrats For Life of Michigan

Would you vote for a Constitutional Amendment that provided the Oil and Gas industry the right to drill without any oversight and prohibited health, safety, and environmental regulations at drilling sites? 

Of course not. That’s crazy.

But that is exactly what Prop 3 does for the abortion industry. Prop 3 prohibits government oversight, health and safety regulations, and any reasonable limitation to abortion – such as limiting post-viability late-term abortions.  

This is why Prop 3 is a bad choice for Michigan women. The ability to regulate to keep people safe is a vital responsibility for those representing our communities. It is not something that should be prohibited in the State Constitution, nor was it ever prohibited in the U.S. Constitution.

The Roe decision that legalized abortion outlined the ability to regulate abortion in all three trimesters making abortion legal (but regulated) in the first trimester and allowing states to limit (but regulate) abortion during the second and third trimesters. 

Prop 3 endangers women by allowing unregulated abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

Despite its marketing phrasing, this ballot initiative does not “restore Roe.” It goes much further than Roe and would allow an industry to regulate itself.  Whether you support the right to abortion or not shouldn’t matter.  A NO vote will ensure that the state has the right to protect women [from medical malpractice].

The story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor in Pennsylvania, is what happens when an industry is allowed to self-regulate. The State Health Department had not inspected in over 12 years, and when they finally did, they found gruesome evidence of the mistreatment of women. 

Here in Michigan, the well-publicized cases of Dr. Michael Roth, who was discovered to be trafficking drugs and fetal remains while performing unsupervised at-home abortions, as well as the unsanitary conditions found at the former Women’s Medical Services clinic in Muskegon are grim local examples. 

If Proposal 3 passes, bad actors like these would be able to continue operating and attempts at accountability would be shut down as “violating the state constitution’s right to reproductive freedom.”

We don’t want that for Michigan women. Women must be safe and protected.

If abortion is available in Michigan, it must be safe and regulated like every other medical procedure. No more. No less. 

Prop 3 would prevent even the most reasonable regulation of abortion, including the right to sue for damages if something goes wrong or regulation or limits of late-term abortion. If you care about protecting women, you will vote NO.

Health and safety standards should cover everyone.  No one, big oil or abortion doctors, deserves a carve-out.